“Effective procurement is the process of acquiring goods, services and works at the best ultimate value – in terms of quality, cost, delivery and utility.”

Our company’s mission is to build customer satisfaction through quality, service and value.

We’ve built strong relationships with supply partners and brand owners. We’ve made these partnerships work due to our in-depth knowledge of the markets and our ability to deliver where it really matters – to the bottom line.

We’re proud of the reputation that we’ve earned. We have a unique blend that allows us to deliver on our promises and provide the best results for the businesses that we work with. It’s also why our clients choose to partner with us.

We work closely with importers, distributors and retailers to supply them with international brands and products that their customers appreciate.  From helping to source the best products, right through to developing marketing and activation plans, we work with you for the mutual benefit of your business and our brands.

Our activities include:

We can act as:

  • -Your Buying office
  • -Principal supplier
  • -Supply chain manager
  • -Marketing Department
  • -Financier

Our key product categories include:

  • Foodstuffs
  • Beverages (Beers, soft drinks and energy drinks)
  • Wines & Spirits
  • Construction materials

We also source and supply ad-hoc equipment for specific projects.

i.e. Water Treatment Chemicals, Plastic raw materials, Hospital equipment, Laboratory equipment, Generators.