Global Brands

November 30, 2013
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Global brandsOver the course of 25 years in the export market business, we have built relationships with leading global brand suppliers, including the likes of Unilever, Pepsi, Duracell, & Kellogg’s. We’ve made these partnerships work due to our in-depth knowledge of the markets that the businesses need to penetrate, and our ability to deliver where it really matters – on the bottom line.

We’re proud of the reputation that we’ve earned over the past quarter of a century, and we attribute this to two factors. Firstly, we source the best European brand products that money can buy, by working with the top players in their respective fields. Secondly, we deliver top quality to African customers at affordable prices.

It’s this unique blend that allows us to deliver on our promises, and provide the best results for the businesses that we work with. It’s also why some of the best businesses out there choose to partner with Dadsons. We have the experience and the approach that really makes a difference, and can help our clients to achieve the success that they’ve been dreaming of.

Many businesses now say that they’d never attempt a new market penetration in West African regions without us. When you look at our track record for delivering results for quality brands, it’s easy to understand why.