Are you a Brand Owner?

November 22, 2013
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Dadsons UK works closely with European brand owners to develop the sales of products outside of the UK and Europe. We’re the obvious choice if you’re looking for the experience and the knowledge that can really make a difference, and you’re serious about new market penetration.

We specialise in West African markets, and we have a body of expertise that has been developed over the course of quarter of a century. We know what the market influencers are, and we know the unique approach that businesses must take to achieve success in West African countries.

Though our experience is far reaching, we recognise that the business world is fast paced and every changing, and we carry out extensive market research on a regular basis to make sure that our insider knowledge is up to date. We never become complacent, and we can be relied upon to have the right tools in our kit, regardless of the current market developments.

Logistics and export documentation are very important considerations when penetrating a new market, and we help businesses to make sure they’ve got this area covered. We also have a network of distributors and work in partnership with them to promote products in Africa.

We offer support in everything from the red tape stages to marketing and promotion. If you need assistance in taking your products to a new market, we have all you need to make your venture a huge success. Why do it alone when you could do it with the backing of the very best in the business?